And the Winner is?

They own the country music scene, but whose music do you like better? Decide between Carrie and Taylor now!

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I, personally, vote for Carrie. I agree with eveyone that says that you shouldn't compare both of them because they are both really great artists, but I couldn't help voicing in my opinion when I saw this. I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Carrie and she has a stronger voice than Taylor. I know, talent isn't everything, so lets look at their personalities. Carrie gives off this just great vibe about her! I like Taylor's music, but she seriously needs to sing about something else rather than "Oh, I broke up with my bf and now I'm gonna write a song about it." She is talented, but she needs to sing about different things. It's getting pretty old. Carrie, on the other hand, sings about a whole variety of things. I just <3 her!! Oh, and P.S., I can 't WAIT to see Carrie in concert in Kansas City on December 15! :D


Neither.. but if I had to choose it would be Swift... Not because of her talent and stuff. Only because she didn't take away one of the best hockey players Ottawa has ever seen. Carrie you suck and you will never be Carrie Fisher NO MATTER WHAT!!! Give us Mike Fisher back! NOW!!!!!!! Mike we will take you back in a heart beat no hard feelings seriously just come back to the Sens... Go Swift?


Carrie Underwood


I don't wanna insult Carrie, 'cause she's awesome, but I'm a swiftie ALL THE WAY. She's my inspiration, idol and so on. How could I not vote for her?


Taylor all the way! Carrie's a snotty b****!


TAylor is angelic, Carrie is strong!! can't choose although I am a Swifty!! But I can say the angel still better than the human so GOOOOOOOOOOOO TAYLOR!!


I love Taylor and I am a Swifty!! I never heard the Carrie music before but maybe she is great. Love both of them!! But Carrie saids I am not Taylor so if vote for Carrie or Taylor I sure will have the confuse


Honestly I mean Really Taylor Really Can't Beat Carrie and He's Not Even Close To Carrie's Range.


I'm a fan of Carrie's but I like Taylor too; both are amazing artists and I really wish everyone will stop comparing them to each other.