And the Winner is?

Who's your favorite celeb, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga? Your votes will decide the winner of this first round matchup in the first Annual Tournament of THG!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Katy Perry

Lady Gaga

Total Votes: 3492
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urrrr sally there are younger people here keep it DOWN oh and LADY GAGA ROCKZZZZZZ.take that sally


look im not saying i don't like katy perry but i prefer lady gaga anyday!!!!


i will litrlally kill myself if Lady Ugly wins..(btw KATY PERRY is the BEST)


Sally, let's keep it clean


Lady gaga is the winner


this i9s gd i hate lady gaga she sucks cock and she is a devil so everyone vote for lady gaga.i feel so horny someone fuck me please iam sooo wet

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