And the Winner is?

Who's hotter, Chris Brown or Justin Bieber? Vote!

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Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever?

Will Chris Brown be back in jail ever, following his June 2014 release?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown?

Do you feel sorry for Chris Brown, getting harassed in jail?

Is Chris Brown akin to Jesus?

R. Kelly says Chris Brown reminds him a bit of Jesus. Do you agree?

Chris Brown: Is he a changed man after rehab?

Chris Brown: A changed man after rehab? Vote in our survey!

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Apart from thumping girl friends, there is no way you can compare him with with Justin. Brown is hotter.


I love justin bieber and chris brown.


justin is so handsome


I'm Justin Bieber's girl and I really really want to meet him. He is sexy as ever and extremely cute. Also Justin is way hotter than Chris Brown. I love Justin so much. :D


I sooooooo want to meet Justin!Thats all I want to do I hope I can become famous just like justin did it is my dream Justin.Pleaseeeeeeeeeee I just need to know how much it is


Justin may be a baby but I bet he respects women and hopefully, unlike his contender, would never hit one! That's why he gets my vote


Chriss Hotterr
Justin its like a babyyy


Clearly NEITHER of them is cute.


I love both of them i think they are both hot but justin bieber is hotter


noooo way chick justin bieber is wayyyyyyy hotter than chris brown i dont even know why u would say that wow jb is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hotter get chris brown out of ur mind ~bieber's girl
bieber fever twenty four seven never gonna change soooooo hot he is i love you justin bieber