And the Winner is?

Here Today, gone tomorrow? Which host would you rather tune in to watch, Ann Curry or Savannah Guthrie?

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Should CNN hire Ann Curry?

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Are you glad Ann Curry is leaving The Today Show?

She lasted about a year in the anchor's seat. Are you happy to see Ann Curry off The Today Show?

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Ann Curry is an excellent journalist can not be compare to Savannah. I can't understand why she was removed from the Today Show. She is a well-rounded person.


I suggest everyone BOYCOTT the show and see what the power of the people can do to get her back .If ABC wants a real winner they will hire her and have her on at her old time on NBC


I am outraged at the firing of Ann Curry!! Obviously there are idiots in charge of the Today Show! Ann Curry has always been my favorite on the show along with Natalie. I kept hoping Savannah would leave because she is so out of place on that show, plus she is rude and annoying, always interrupting others, esp. Natalie! I am going to switch to GMA now in protest of letting Ann Curry go.How can the producers be so stupid to think lower ratings were because of Ann? Bring Ann back fast and get rid of Savannah!


#1 Meridith was great! She left because of her husband is ill, not anoyone else's decision but hers. #2 When Ann was promoted to Co-Anchor I personally felt it was a mistake. She is great at what she does, high profile news reporting, she did not have the personality for her former position, she was no Katie, or Meridith. #3 I actually thought Savannah was a very good choice when Meridith left. I do think she has all the makings of light hearted reporting, and hard core politics/news reporting. I will be anxious to see the outcome. And Ann, she will be just fine!


ANN CURRY was the star of the show......Why would they let someone so beloved be thrown off the show because they don't understand the audience. I started watching after they kicked Chris Cuomo off GMA and when they got rid of Merideth Viera. Now, I won't watch either show. How screwed up are those ivory tower people that they don't know their audience. We love Ann Curry!!!


The Today show not only treated Ann bad, they have done Savannah an injustice also because the viewers will never accept Savannah because she is being blamed for what has happened to Ann, when actually it's not her fault. I for one was no fan of Savannah's before this decision was made, and definetly will not try to watch and adapte to her now. Ann was on that show for 15 yrs and what does she get but a teary goodbye spot while Meridith was only there 4 years and had a whole day devoted to her leaving. NBC will surely deserve the bad ratings they will recieve after the way they have treated Ann.


Ann Curry is a GREAT Journalist! Savanna is a no talent lawyer. She's REALLY going to bring down the ratings (Ann did NOT); because everyone will now watch GMA!


If Savanah takes Ann's place i will go over to GMA . Savanah Guthrie is by far the worst person ever to take Ann's place .


I like Matt, I like Anne. Savannah would be good too. But NOT Hoda. Natalie would be good too. I love Jenna Wolf.


ann curry is a lady and a professional. the person who needs to be replaced is the egotistical and pompous matt lauer