And the Winner is?

Roseanne Barr is posing here like Kim Kardashian and trying to seduce Kanye West. Who would you prefer to plow?


I agree Phadra and Apollo are dry they need to go her story line has lost luster.

Cynthia kendrick

Kenya runs her mouth to much. She got just what see was looking for. Phaedra wanted to beat her down. But Porscha beat her to the punch. Great job Porsha.,.....

@ cynthia kendrick

If Porsha is fired I will no longer watch the show. Kenya do talk too much and a NeNe is a pain in the butt. Get rid of Phadra and keep Porsha. All the rest I can deal with including Kenya big mouth and NeNe thinking she's gorgeous..haha. I'm team Porsha Stewart. Porsha puts some variety in the show. Phadra and her hubby needs to bounce.

@ Helen Martin

I thought that it would be phadra kicking Kendra ass she talk to much and she think she the queen B. at least phadra hair,ass and breast are real good job Porsha if they fire you we will always remember you as the one who gave Kenya what she needed. this will give her drama queen ass the attention she looks for episode.

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