Who would win in a celebrity boxing match, George Zimmerman or DMX?

George Zimmerman Mugshot (Nov. 2013)

This so wrong, we are supporting this child killer's living. He will be rich just because he killed an innocent young Black. We are lost as peoples we have no values morals or principals. I totally understand that every Black woulsd love to fuck up that white evil man but let's not do it in his own game for his own gain. Let's catch him on the street for the love and not for the fame and money. White people will start killing more blacks if they see and hear how rich that white evil man became after the murder. He is one of best painter now $100 000 a painting just for killing young Blacks. And this fight is unfair, 10 years ago ok DMX was strong and fit but today DMX is still mediacaly and factually registered as a crackhead. The use of crack has killed all his power and energy. Nobody could fight a crackhead. This is illegal fighting a drug addict that's not fair at all. Might God bless all the stupid heads.


I wish somebody would just give Zimmerman 2 to chest and 1 in the head and stop playing around


I hope DMX beats the the fuckin shit out of his child murdering, racist ass.... fuck his ASS UP X!!!!!!!! for everyone!!!


I love to see the urinating part of the Show. By the way,what makes Zimmerman a celebrity?

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