Who won the vice presidential debate of 2012?

Ryan, Biden
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Barack Obama or Mitt Romney: Who should win the presidential election in 2012?

Barack Obama or Mitt Romney: Who should be president?

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We should call Biden "Mr. Chuckles". What a way to act during a debate. Very serious topics were being discussed, but Biden acted like he was talking with some guy in a bar that he happened to disagreed with!


Everyone can whine all night long about Ryan, the poll numbers show the true outcome. All Biden did was be disrespectful and extremely non-vice presidential :)


Ryan started out cautiously, but after Biden made a few statements that were clearly incorrect, Ryan was able to obtain the advantage in the debate.


It was a no show for Ryan. He lost it. It was an overwhelming victory for the Democrats


Biden was disrespectful and proved we have two people in power not ready to answer that call at 3am. What a piece of work. Out in November.


2) About Medicare.
Ryan attacked Obama for “raiding” Medicare. Again, Ryan has no standing whatsoever to make this attack, because his own budget called for taking the same amount of money from Medicare. Twice. The only difference is that Ryan’s budget used those savings to finance Ryan’s priorities, which include a massive tax cut that benefits the wealthy disproportionately. What Obamacare did not do is take away benefits. On the contrary, it added benefits, by offering free preventative care and new prescription drug coverage. 3) About the credit rating downgrade.
Ryan blamed the downgrading of American debt on Obama. But it was the possibility that America would default on its debts that led to the downgrade. And why did that possibility exist? Because Republicans refused to raise the debt ceiling, playing chicken not just with the nations’ credit rating but the whole economy, unless Obama would cave into their budget demands.


At least five times, Ryan misrepresented the facts as a vice presidential nominee is accepting his party’s nomination

@ thesteelgeneral

I agree with you on that!!


Ryan without a doubt won. Biden is a lying snake. Honestly, he is scary and I cannot believe anything he says. He is a typical Democrat. I can say that because I have several cousins who are Democrats and they will flat out tell you, for example, they will raise money for charities and then go spend it on concert tickets. They just cannot be trusted and do not have any morals and values. They only care about themselves and their control of power and government. This poor country...how wonderful it used to be!

@ Kelly

All you've proven to me is that you have liars and thieves within your family, congratulations. Being a Republican or Democrat doesn't make a more or less honest person. Nor does either party attract the honest or deceitful. Also, you seriously think you can generalize an entire party because you have several cousins who are democrats. That is the silliest proposition I've ever heard.


Biden really kicked Lyin Ryan in the BALLS
He called Ryan out on ALL the lies, AGAIN no specifics.
Biden: "At least REAGAN gave us specifics" Who cares about style?
Oh wait, I guess if you like soulless automatons like Ryan, who never ever shows any emotions, I guess your guy won on "style"
Biden was passionate, fired up and boy, did he GO!


Ryan definitely won on Substance and style