Who won the second presidential debate of 2012? Did Barack Obama rebound, or did Mitt Romney keep him on the ropes?

Obama and Romney

Obama did better than he did last time, but I still think Romney looked better in this one also .
But in a way it doesnt matter...all the MSM and private jet liberals wanted were a few gaffes/catch phrases to mock and spin and just to jump to bizarre conclusions, and they got them (women in binders etc).
Gonna be a tight race,


Definitely OBAMA!! RUINEY is a Liar, a bully!! Obama2012!

@ patty

what exactly is a bully in politics?
You mean like Biden? Anyways, isnt a bully a good thing? lets face it, if bama had more backbone he might have actually gotten some of his promioses accomplished, instead of hoping congress would be so in awe of his cult of personality and do whatever he asked without any questioning or restistance.
if this is what leadership by a non-bully is like, may as well elect any nerd offf the street..


ok 1st off i dont like eather one but for real the only reson oboma is even president is bc he is black i have nothen against blacks and i have black in my family that i love to death but they were more concerned bout color and raisesm then the world obvisly if people would read up on oboma he used a dead man ss number also he tryin to get muslims to take over the usa like for real and u wnat to tlak bout rich and poor tell me one thing oboma did for us absolutly nothen in my eyes

@ tasha

Are you out of your mind??? Lol wow!!

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