Who will win The Voice Season 4?

The Voice Coaching Staff

Some. In the lord about then. The love you. Swon brother


First and formost, they are all winners. Each should do just fine. Both Danielle & the Swan Brothers will hit the country scene with no problem. Personally I am a Michelle fan. Her softer performances showed her depth as an artist. She 'feels' what she is singing. It blows me away on the pumped up performances how she never runs out of air and cuts to a soft spot completely in tune. I wish for her to win, but country seems to be the thing now adays.


Alicia, apparently you haven't been listening to the myriad notes that Michelle has missed all season, as well as the fact that, tonight, she missed a cue during her duet with Usher. She has a lovely tone, but her skill onstage does not match her enthusiasm. Yes, she has the geek-LGBT voter block, but what she doesn't have is Danielle's ability to hit note after note, pitch perfect, song after song. In terms of talent, ANY professional will tell you this is no contest at all.


Daniel is the best thing that has ever to take the stage!


Danielle has a pretty and strong tone which fools people into thinking she has the most talent. She can't sing outside of one octave or while moving, as her duets have shown. She always falls flat. She needs to strengthen her diaphragm, expand her range, and work on her stage presence and emotional connection to the songs before she can count herself in the same league as Michelle.

@ Alicia

agreed! everybody keeps fawning over the fact that she's "never had a vocal lesson", but honestly, she needs them.


Amber was the best voice left. Now it is Danielle.
she gets all my votes and itunes downloads in the finals
make texas proud!


How does Chamuel keep advancing? She's not good.

@ Christopher

People have different opinions, I honestly think Michelle is the most exciting and talented contestant they have ever had on that show. II thought this since she first opened her mouth to sing at the blinds...But that doesn't mean she will win it. I always vote for her to win, though.

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