Who will win Dancing with the Stars Season 14 (of the top 3?

William Levy and Donald Driver
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william should have won totally he really know how to shake it all over dwts in all the right places


Donald Driver has been consistently under-rated this season. Not metrosexual enough, I think. My last season watching. Whatever this is, it is not a dancing contest and I am tired of Bruno's drooling.


I am rooting for Donald Driver to win. I cannot stand Katherine Jenkins..I think she is the biggest phony.. The other dude, if he wins, is only because of his fan base..let's face it, this show has always been a popularity contest and NOT a dancing contest. If Donald doesn't win, i for one, will never tune in to this show again. btw, the free-style with Donald and Petra was the ultimate best, just for that alone they should win hands down. Usually the ones who do the best in the free style every season turn out to be the winners. So lets see what happens tonite...


Katherine is the best I ever seen on the show ..
I have watched from day one..
She is like a pro....


They are all good at this stage and each merit to be awarded the trophy. I will he happy for the winner and feel a bit disappointed for the other finalists.


Who will win? WHO CARES at this POINT ? Ask the Sponsors ~ I bet THEY KNOW. What a joke of a show. Why do the contestants work so hard, and why do people who tune in, hoping to glimpse some good dancing watch this show? This is not a Dance Contest, by ANY means.


William Levy should win..he's the whole package, he can dance a salsa like no other, he nailed the Samba to a T, and his tango is passionate and classic, unlike Katherine tango that was mechanical and lacked passion, her Samba the worse I've seen all season, and she cannot Salsa...if not William, then Donald because he's also very good...if Katherine wins, it will be mockery to the DWTS fans.


William is a sure win PERIOD because he can dance. All can dance really, it's just that William has more suave to his dances! Go William and Cheryl!!!


My opinion is that although i don't really care for the finalists, i think Donald would be the best one to win...I say this because he is a great dancer, and is not phony like Katherine Jenkins...When she was in pain the other nite, then was jumping up and down when she heard she made the sem-finals, that did it for me...talk about a phony....ugh...as for William Levy, is he does win, it's only because he's HOT...his fan base, i'm sure is mostly woman....and we all know this show is about popularity and that's WRONG...it should be about the best DANCER PERIOD.....After this season, i am DONE with this show, it's gotten to be a JOKE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ewwwww


I think that BRUNO, who is WAAAAAAAY over the top, should be replaced. I mute his comments. :-)