Who will win Dancing With the Stars Season 13?

Chaz Bono Photograph
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The results of this week DWTS was so insulting to the people who can and do really dance.
Chazz Bono has no business trying to be on the program, he is grossly over weight, has no rythm, no personality, keeping him on the show is making a mockery out of the whole program and the voting that people do for the best dancers.
I don't think his/her being on the program in the first place should have happened. He can't have that many followers, it has to be his mother and dad's fans who are keeping him in.
If the program continues in this mode, we will just stop watching as I hope many millions of others will do.


It is a dancing show.Vote for the best dancer not who has the best personality.If an APE got up there and could out dance the other couples i would vote for the hairy ape.That is how it should work.


J. R. is a great, natural dancer and has a hot bod to boot!


this is to tiffany and sue - bite me, beyotches. i think the show needs more diversity! give me more of dem gays and trans! show more skin and more kissing, too! shove the gay/trans agenda right in the faces of these bigoted close-minded a-holes!


Louis N. Tate: Do you realize that there are several different ways that God created our sexual identity. We have choromosones, emotional identity and several other biological identites . You are limiting our sexual identity to one biological part of our identity. How would God judge you ? Should we all go to a MD that specializes in identity ? When did God speak to you and telll you or .... set you up as a person to go around and sexually identify everyone ? Your ignorance is screaming out loud and clear.. Please become better informed before you dare to speak in God's name about anything. The scriptures speak very strongly about prophets that speak for God without His request .... and the news is NOT good.


I plan NOT to watch DWTS again. It's a sham! I want to vote for the best dancer; NOT the latest political CRAP!!!


Can't we go back to having a great show with God given males and females? I am so tied of these things being thrown in our faces. If that is what (it ) wants, then so be it, (it ) just needs to go away so we don't have to see it.


For me it's a tough call...... do we vote for the best dancer or the best entertainer? I'm really impressed with J.R., who seems to be a natural. Carson is a pretty poor dancer, but he's so fun to watch!
Chaz is no dancer, that's for sure, but he's got a super personality and I give him a lot of kudos for trying so hard despite his physical pain.


I'm glad Isabella was voted off. There's a lot of smart voters out there! Chaz wasn't even in the bottom two-way to go Chaz!! I think it's all up for grabs & no way would I even try & guess who is going to win... who would I vote out next? Hmmm, probably the 'Queer Eye' guy. I like him but when he tried to really dance-well, it left a lot to be desired. I thought JR was excellent, David-not so much. David is just so wired & emotionally out of control-I think he's a few short! So I guess we'll see what happens next week.......


Chaz Bono should not be on Dancing with the Stars. He is not a Star. His parents were. The show should not be used as a platform to promote his sexual orientation. Being a transgender is not an occupation and should not be referred to when introducing him on the show.