Who will win Dancing With the Stars, of the top four?

DWTS Top 4
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JR deserves to win, but the Mom Monster of the Kardashian clan is probably twisting arms. Rob is good, but hands down, JR deserves the prize. He's shown class, dignity and handled the criticism like a trooper. Perhaps the judges are motivated more by the Kardashian $$$$$.....$$$$$ talks, after all.


Shame on Len for the 7 he came a champion JR...that,alone could have killed JR's chances to win. Maybe Maks was right when he said it's time for Len to quit judging. The scores the judges are giving the dancers just don't match their comments before the scores are gtiven. Maybe all the judges need to go.....I'm 81 yrs old & have always enjoyed the show,whether it be dancing or entertainment. But if Kardashian should win this whole shabang tomorrow night,I will not watch another DWTS,as long as I shall live which hopefully will be a few more years.


rob kardashian yes yes yes he can win and he will win


I agree with the person who said the past dances are just that, past. They are being judged on the performance for that night. Jr is a fantastic dancer, but with his imjury did not do well monday. Hope and Max, were not as good as the others, and needed to go. The reason christine got kicked off, was she had a bad night the nite before. remember she missed all her steps. Rob had a great night, and the quip about being payed off was uncalled for. It is the public at large voting. Any way, I think the right people were picked last nite.


G RO B baby u GOT this!O


I think Rob Kardashian should win, as he is the most improved. I feel bad for J.R., but you really need to judge how they are doing each time, and he was really hurting last night, but he wasn't the best dancer. I don't know where people think Hope is a good dancer. Last week was her best, but the girl is not cordinated.


My favorite is JR. For me he has been the best dancer from day one. And last night the judges were a bit unfair to him.


you talk about judge bia!!.. the posters here are all biased this is a dancing contest also the public votes by past results all so for the wrong reasons its really a popularity contest now much more than in the past, is the critera because they have had problems in there life.. to remind you one of the best dancers got voted off a long time ago with judges hi scores the posters here i wont watch any more.. who cares. who needs your biased posts!!!..


It seems the judges are biased. Hope and Max looked wonderful to me and the comments from the judges were totally wrong !!! And why comment that Max smiled. I hope the voting public proves a point. It does make you wonder who is boing paid off of the judges??? Of course ethics are not to be comsidered just imappropriate remarks.


What is it with Carrie and her comments? Last week the comment made by Len to Nancy that it was midnight and she needed to go home. And the judges get upset when the dancers i.e. Maks make the comments he does. Derek has too big an ego . I hope JR wins that Hope and Max are back for next week. Look how Mark and his partner were voted off early and they were pretty good. New judges who don't show favs would be welcome and appreciated. I am at the point of stopping watching DWTS.