Ricki Lake is just one of many formidable competitors. Who will win Dancing With the Stars (of the Top 7)?

Derek Hough and Ricki Lake
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Did Meryl and Maks deserve to win Dancing with the Stars?

Did Meryl and Maksim deserve to win Dancing with the Stars?

Who will win DWTS Season 18 (of the Top 3)?

Who will win DWTS Season 18 (of the Top 3)? Vote for who you think will take it in the finals.

Who will win DWTS Season 18 (of the Top 5)?

Who will win Dancing With the Stars Season 18 (of the Top 5)?

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Who will win?

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Who will win? Share your predictions!

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Burke Burke needs to go! Bring back Samantha Harris!!
I love Maks - since the beginning of the show!!


I LOVE the show DWTS. There is so much talent there that goes overlooked. Hooray for Maxs. It's about time some one told Goodman off. I have watched the show from day 1 and truly believe that the judges are paid off in certain circumstances. Especially when they voted off Ralph Macchio. That was truly a PAY OFF because he was the best of that year. The judges had better start judginng the dancing instead of the ones that just walk across the floor.


Maks needs to go! Hopefully ABC sees that he crossed the line. He no only disrespected Len and the judging process but all the other dancers. He is not the sole promoter of the show, all the dancers contribute an important part to the success of DWTS. Len could have chosen words that weren't so harsh but for the 6th week, MAKS should be teaching a dance more technical, not so boring and/or basic. Please ABC replace Brooke....she adds nothing to the show and ask's the dumbest questions of the dancers. Write a new script for that role and replace Brooke....My vote goes to CARSON!


Note to the judges ... do your thing by judging and do not make any comments on who is in the audience. Quit showing favortism. You do actually show alot of favortism ... are you trying to get America to vote like you. Then come up with a different procedure of elimination.


Brooke is boring boring boring - get rid of her and let Carson do what he does so well - make everyone comfortable with his glowing personality. I'm glad Maks stood up to Len - he is a crabby old sprite who needs to go away. His comments are rude. The show is really getting boring - if it weren't for Tom Bergeron smoothing things over, I would never watch. Put Brooke and Len on a slow boat to the moon.


I would like for an invitation be given to George Lopez to appear on Dancing with the Stars. He blabs so much about Erik Estrada, that even Erik is making an appearance on Mira Quien Baile. It might be on a spanish station, but he is out there giving his all. Where is George? Licking his wounds?


Brook is so boring bring Carson in.....get rid of brook...The judges should judge fairly and give someone other than kiss ass Derick all the credit..... please..............JR MARTINEZ "IS THE BEST DANCER THIS SEASON" please be fair to everyone.


I say Go GO GO MAKS, These judges need to understand that the celebreties are there for the most important thing and that is to ENTERTAIN they have no ambition of becoming proffessional dancers and or they will not be dancing for 50 years. so who cares Len about the "foot on the ground" if this is all you can critique on then I say get another job.


I would like to see Mike Rowe and Kelly Rippa on DWTS


I feel the judges need to go especially Len. Last night he was out of control and maybe he should give up his seat. He needs to apologize to everyone.