Who will win Dancing With the Stars of the three finalists?

JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff Pic
Rob Kardashian, Cheryl Burke
Derek Hough and Ricki Lake Photo
Lauren gardner

I love them all. They're all good. Rob could surprise us though.


I think JR has, by FAR, shown the most dancing talent. There is no sympathy vote there; the man can DANCE, and I think that was such a wonderful surprise for those of us who had never even heard of him. He EARNED my vote with his DANCING, and nothing else. He had an off week last week, but if he comes into the finals healthy and with his mind in the zone, he will be odds on for the win because yes, he does have that great back story and a winning personality, too. The real test, of course, is the freesyle; always has been, always will be. ANY of the three could be the one to pull it all out for the freestyle and if JR doesn't make that clutch play, one of the others who does will win.


Ricki Lake and Derek should win. Best dancers.


I think JR Martinez has become a fabulous dancer and he has a wonderful personality. For someone to say that JR will get the "sympathy" vote is an insult to him. Also, I have worked with the military at an Air Force Base for 40 years and I find that remark very offensive. For a man, who couldn't dance when he started to get two perfect scores in one night shows how far JR has come. He and Karina definitely have my vote and and they truly deserve to win!


I hope Ricki Lake wins. Overall talent.


jr will get the sympathy vote but ricki should win. rob is good and sexy but ricki has it overall - poise, talent, likeability.


i like jr but i think Ricki lake and Derek Hough should get it i also like derek hough.

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Dancing with the Stars Quotes

We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente