Who will win Dancing With the Stars of the three finalists?

  • JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff Pic
  • Rob Kardashian, Cheryl Burke
  • Derek Hough and Ricki Lake Photo
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Did Meryl and Maks deserve to win Dancing with the Stars?

Did Meryl and Maksim deserve to win Dancing with the Stars?

Who will win DWTS Season 18 (of the Top 3)?

Who will win DWTS Season 18 (of the Top 3)? Vote for who you think will take it in the finals.

Who will win DWTS Season 18 (of the Top 5)?

Who will win Dancing With the Stars Season 18 (of the Top 5)?

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Who will win?

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Who will win? Share your predictions!

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If you allow rigged voting to capture a win for any canidate then you will distroy your show. I seldom watch after the Sisters*K* debachael. These sleeze bags make you r show dirty.


Unfortunately, Rob will never know if he could have done it without his families interfearence. I hope the judges disqualify him based on the actions of his sisters. I know he will say He couldn't control their stealing of votes but why should other dancers be penalized for the lack of morals these humans show. Disqualify Him!


I'll bet $200 dollars that the karcrappian tool wins cause this show is so F-u-c-k-i-n rigged.


Rikki Lake did great, as they ALL are. Rob Kardashian is a guy that doesn't have a bit of dancing and HAD trouble with his self confidence. He has shown the MOST improvement from week #1. J.R. was GREAT all the way through, had a few mishaps, as did they ALL, but after he hurt his ankle, his dancing is not the same as from the beginning. I am hoping that Rob Kardashian does get it, not only for his IMPROVEMENT, but it was a CLIMB for him every week. And now, look where he is. This is about IMPROVEMENT from week to week. He is W/O and doubt, a much HAPPIER/CONFIDENT guy now. Good Luck Rob/Cheryl.


Vote for JR They are consistently the best and humble.


dont know if true but heard kim kardashian has twittered rob's dancing with the stars fone nbr and said it was justin beiber's number to get votes for rob... hope it isnt true... that would be deceitful and if it is true he should disqualify himself from the competition completely...


It's been fun watching all three of the finalists all the way through this season. Can't wait to see who gets it!!


I think JR should win. He has shown the most growth. In my opinion Ricki Lake has had some dance experience and therefore doesn't impress me as much as JR has. Rob has come along way, but will be hard to compete with the two front runner.


Is this a dancing contest (show) or a popularity show???????


Is this a dancing show or a popularity show?