We're down to five on American Idol. Who do you think will win?

Phillip Phillips on Stage
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Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol?

Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol season 13?

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We're down to two on American Idol Season 13. Who should win?

Did Alex Preston deserve to go home on American Idol?

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We're down to three on American Idol Season 13. Who put on the best performance?

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I think Phillip being so sick, hurt his voice, but, when he is better and has surgery, look out world....I would buy his CD's in a New York second....love, love, him


Esa belleza merece ganar! Tiene una voz increible y la he disfrutado bastante,ademas es comica!la amo!


Jessica is sixteen and acts likes she is forty years old, she dresses old, she sings old songs, not, this time Jessica, maybe when you grow into your clothes and songs..good voice, yes, buy your CD's? NO


I believe that Phillip will win the Idol


Most definitely Jessica to win. Her voice is just amazing, and she will be a very BIG STAR. Goooooo Jessica.


Jessica is very talented and should win, but I know that the majority will go with Phillip because of his looks, that is what American Idol looks for. If Jessica loses, she will still make it, the majority that has lost usually ends up the bigger winner in the long run. GO JESSICA!


Phillip wins big tonight.....truly a real artist. Jessica has a good voice but her music seems to old for her age group. She won't sell CDs. Also at times he voice is too soft & at other times she doesn't kick in to get the notes right. Phillip is a performer with a unique voice and he can perform on his own right now. Sorry PHIL WINS HANDS DOWN


yeah Win IS Jessica For Pinoy yeah


All I say is that all the judges are boring!!! But I want jessica to win tonight.


i do NOT want jessica to win because she is TOO YOUNG