We're down to five on American Idol. Who do you think will win?

Phillip Phillips on Stage
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Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol?

Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol season 13?

Who should win American Idol Season 13?

We're down to two on American Idol Season 13. Who should win?

Did Alex Preston deserve to go home on American Idol?

Alex Preston is off American Idol. Did fans make the right choice?

Which member of the American Idol Top 3 put on the best performance?

We're down to three on American Idol Season 13. Who put on the best performance?

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Jessica Sanchez should be the winner, although both are very talented. It's a toss up.


God took Whitney Houston and he gave us Jessica Sanchez...


I love some of the comments these peop;e made. One stated they wanated something different. HELLOOOO. The last five winners were white young cute guys all, playing the guitar. I realize the young girls vote for these guys, BUT COME ON!!!. This young lady has the voice of an angel and she is only l6. I"ve been around the block a few times and I can tell you that she will be a star


jessica will surely win, she has all the quality as a singer, absolutely she's amazing....... go.........go......go.......JESSICA


Phillip has a good voice. But boring Phillip, he sings with so many half notes and half tones. What is the difference between the previous winners who plays guitar? Monotony.


I think Phillip will win, he is different from jessica. Her songs are always the same and yet boring as well. Phillip will win.


I hope Phillip wins. After many seasons of Idol winners, I am now rooting for whoever is different. I'm tired of the same ol' same ol' sound every year. Jessica sings beautifully - no question about it, but she doesn't sound any different than every other good artist out there. IMO, she's just not original enough. JMO.


Phillip should be the winner; Hw ia rhw besr.....


jessica is truelya singer. i've never been heared a voice like jessica sanchez. we're proud of you jessica not only u have a blood of a filipino but u deserve to win because you have a great voice. no matter what win or loose we are here beside u. america wake up u choose the best. think......:-)


I guess God gave Jessica the voice and talent to sing, that is exactly what she has done from the word go,She is a singer and an entertainer, all her perfomances were outstanding, She truly deserves to win this competition. I cannot imagine a more deserving person than Jessica Sanchez