We're down to two on American Idol Season 13. Who should win?

Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson

for whoever said caleb aint that good needs to get a reality check cuz he a power house singer he my fav i hope he win but idk cuz jena is realy good to so good luck to both


I don't know why some of you have to be mean - calling Jena Irene ugly? There is really just no reason for that. I personally think Jena Irene should win this thing and I actually voted for the first time every, however where I like her or not you really should not use these message boards to call someone ugly.


Jean is not win Caleb is go too win listen too me Jean never change her attitude last 2 year you have too know it face it Caleb is sound butter last 2 year then her I don"t care who will going to win because I liked them both but not fear for Caleb because Jean never change her attitude on her


listen people Jena is not only one two win Caleb is the only one two win because he is have hard time too sing but hurt him a lot his neck hurt him self people I do not care about why you voted for her Caleb only one too win not too her make him feel badly not truth break my heart too see it I really like Caleb not the end of the slow I really like Jean too win but too late for that but too try just try what he what I don"t care who will going to win because I liked them both not fear for Caleb because Jean because long story for her too win it he will be upset because her he would say something on her community not fear for Caleb because Jean


Let's vote for Jena, she has good manners and well discipline by her parents. She is cute, and pretty, a good singer. I am very confident her record will sell, I hope her attitude and good character will remain even if she become rich and famous. I hope she will not indulge into drug addiction and other vices in the entertainment industry.

@ concordia balandra

You are getting carried away without any reality….Jena is talented…But she has an ugly face….Nobody else would call her "pretty or cute." She might be the worst-looking person to be in the IDOL finale….


Jena Irene carries a unique name, she is pretty. Unique voice, much better than other pop singer in the entertainment today. She should be the American Idol, very talented she uses piano and good at it. She knows how to dress and make up that fits her. Her selection of clothes is very fitting and good at her age. Her grooming and poise is so captivating. She is a total package, when she wins the American Idol, she can be a great asset in the entertainment industry because of her pretty face, not only as singer, she can be good model for commercial, and even an actress, I like her. Caleb Johnson did not even change hair style all the way and his dress style. There are other more better than him, I did not see him use a musical a instrument, except to sing. There are so many great people in the music industry already, there is nothing unique in him.


Both of them are great singer an a performer.Jena has a small and strong voice and Caleb has a big and strong voice.I don't care who will going to win because I liked them both.Their fate is on the hand of the American Idol fans.Goodluck guys!

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