Kim Kardashian needs your help. Pick a new boyfriend for the reality star now.


Those choices are way OFF!
*Matt Barnes (is engaged with kids)
*Santonio Holmes is SO NOT HER TYPE
*Ray J? Why would she go back with the sex tape guy? Really?
*Blake Griffin is to good to be with her
*Victor Cruz who is that?
Kim Kardashian needs to be with a guy who is not in the industry so that her love life isnt in the industry all the time.


I would like to see her with the Australian bodyguard, Svengo, the guy who asked her to marry him at the top of the Empire State Building. Now there's a catch!


kim you were beautiful with reggie bush even now you 2 are match made in heaven thank you lovekim from S.A

Maryanne gaeta

Let me put it this way, she only goes for the black dudes, so i'm sure the next guy will be black....Humphries didn't match up for her in that category....she totally disgusts me....and even worse is the amazon Khloe.............yukkkkkkkk.....they both get me nauseous.....can't stomach either one.....


uggggggggh!!!! PUHHHHHLEASE! This is disgusting, she should have never gotten married. I'm absolutely possitive she doesn't ever need to be married again!!!


i think that kim should stay single for awhile and not be in a relationship so fast.


She and Kris need to go somewhere away from cameras and her folks. The entire family needs to learn to quit ruling everyone else's life when they are f*ing up their own so well. I suspect they still love each other but need the family to back off. Kourtney finally got the idea when she demanded the key to the house back from mom. It's called quit being so co-dependent and grow up.


Nobody. She can watch her sex tape when she gets lonely and be reminded how she got all her money.


No one she should be ashamed of herself marriage is a serious commitment, she evidently is not aware of that. She is too young to have such a bad track record. Oh and someone should tell her she shouldnt dish states she really dont know anything about, after all people in those states watch tv and make them the celebrities they are. We can also not watch them or buy products they endorse shame on her.Then again I'm just a ex cardashian living in yeehaw Minnesota!

Brandi herbold

Spencer Pratt.. he's just as fame and money hungry (If him and barbie doll ever split)

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