Justin Bieber is reportedly trying to choose between Selena Gomez and various super models. Help the guy out!

Justin Bieber Ogles a Model

Justin, its true u will miss Selena if u let go of her so don't do that. I've seen pictures of u two together n u look like two people made 4 each other. N Selena, I know u will miss Justin too if u let go of him. Don't let go u guys !!!!


Well he really needs to choose whats more important (You) love of his life or (Models that could care less about him and he would be just another guy to them . I think the answer is easy . Dont be stupid Justin ! Youll regret losing her !


Selena, one fact of life is that all men cheat. If he loves you enough to keep it hidden from you or flaunts it in your face is the deciding factor.

@ Dee

Many, but not all.

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