Who should Emily choose on The Bachelorette?

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I don`t think Arie would be good [travels to much, away from home]. I think Jef could be be more of a run around buddy [ not ready for responsibility]. Sean is better for her, due to patients and being a layed back guy.


I liked Chris- the Polish guy. Great looking but very immature as to how he was behaving. Did he really give her the finger leaving in the limo? Someone mentioned it - I keep looking at tape. If so -then good for her for dumping him. However I do see her strange too. "Fake Everything".


Its Chris - The Host.


Emily + Sean = Barbie and Ken. Look how long they have been together? Seriously he IS the whole package and his family is a riot! I think she will fit in there and Ricki would have wonderful grandparents in Sean's parents. I see more true romance and passion in Sean and Emily than in Jef who had to read his letter instead of speaking form the heart without notes.


I wrote my post before reading the others. How interesting that so many think Emily looks like Jef's mother. He may THINK he is ready for that kind of relationship with a child, but speaking from experience it can make or break a relationship. If no guy meets Ricki till after she has chosen " the guy" is that really fair to Ricki?


I think she will pick Jef ($$$) however Sean is not making peanuts. Sean with his blond hair, great bod and obvious love and devition and a wonderful family, he would be a GREAT match, However, all the spoilers say it will be Jef. Somehow, she looks alot older than Jef regardless of a 1 year age differnce in age. She has always looked older and maybe that is due to report of plastic surgery - "plastic" surgery which makes her look so. I hope she can keep her temper in check or good riddance to either one!


Everyone seems to have a favorite match for Emily. The fathers of her suitors (her potential father-in-law) were good indicators of what her future husband would be like. Sean's father seemed especially kind and nurturing, as well as a practical joker.
Jef's sisters were very loving and obviously cared a lot about their free-spirited brother. They all were very fond of Emily. The oldest sibling, Steve was confident his brother could handle the responsibilities of being a father and husband. Both Sean and Jef have shown a lot of respect for Emily and I think it's a tough choice to pick one over the other.


I like Sean. They look perfectly matched.


Baby face does not equal baby. I think Jeff is very mature and responsible. Out of the three, he is the one who talks about Rikki the most and seems genuinely interested in being with both of them. He is the only one to see the beauty within... and if you're in it for the long haul, that's a very mature way to approach a relationship. As far as chemistry goes, only Emily knows what she feels when she kisses him. Also the fantasy suite will let her know if this is someone who can rock her world. No one watching can know that. I never liked Arie. I think that is a hot fuse that can burn out and cool down very quickly.


Sean all the way