Who should Emily choose on The Bachelorette?

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Arie and Emily have chemistry, but that can fizzle fast--just ask the majority of the couples from seasons past. I would hate for Emily to chose Arie because of physical attraction or the whole race-car issue and her past... It's time to move foward, not try to recapture the past. Jef isn't a hunk, but he's cute, and he seems sincere! I can picture him being a doting husband to Emily and a great dad to Ricki and a handful of their own biological children too. After a few children, chemistry isn't what holds a couple together; the commonality and friendship has to be strong. I vote for Jef!


I hope Jef wins. I couldn't believe she let Sean go since Sean and Jef were my top two with Jef on top so to speak. I can't stand Arie-seems like too much of a ladies man and so phony. I don't see anything sexy about him. I don't see him as a good Dad for Ricki either and that is probably my main beef with him. He hasn't talked about Ricki until tonight really. Both Jef and Sean were family men so I could see both of them but I think she'd have a great life with Jef.


Has everyone watched the same show that I have? I'm pretty sure she's fallen for both Jeff and Arie, but Arie is the OBVIOUS choice. Jeff is sweet and a great person, but it's amazing when Emily and Arie kiss - he will love her forever. I don't get the promo for the final show though, makes it sound like she won't pick anyone...


I was thrilled that Emily didn't let Arie or Jef go. I think Jef is the perfect match to be a husband for Ricki, but I happen to like Arie's hotness just a little bit more. ;)


I've cried millions of tears tonight, after Sean was let go. Is she nuts? She got the words out of him, and then let him go. I plan to stop watching this show; it hurts too much. How can you possibly "love" so many guys at once?!! What have we come to? Does anyone really think you can find the love of your life in such a dishonest way? How can you kiss someone, try to get him to say he loves you and then dump him? We used to call this "leading someone on"..still applies.


I'm guessing that Emily's un-satisfaction with Sean surfaced when maybe she thought he didn't say "I love you" soon enough, otherwise, I do not know who could've been a better choice. Emily and Arie are constantly kissing, and Jef just, overall seems too irresponsible Ricki and Emily, and he's just too young. I would've gotten rid of Jef. He jokes around too much, and just seems to be in it to win it. Sean and his family are so light-hearted. I feelnso bad for him. If he were to have gone home, it should've been after Jef. Poor poor Sean.


I agree that Emily should have chosen Sean but she sent him home tonight so now she's left with Arie and Jef, so not much of a choice to me, Jef is sweet but no chemistry and it looks like she's kissing her brother, whereas, she may find Arie hot (yuck) I don't, but she can't stop kissing him. Bad choice all around!


Every body seems to be rooting for Arie because he is this sexy misterous race car driver but if you do a little digging Aries dad was the big race driver Arie trailed on the skirt tails of the name his father has made and you cant really call yourself a race car driver when you havent raced in 2 yrs..


I think Emily's final three are all good choices. She is a good judge of character and seems very observant. She saw through Chris and Ryan. I think she should pick Sean. He makes her feel safe, is genuine, likes to have fun, but also seems very ready for a family. Jeff has shown some great gestures with the puppet and letter, but his family and friends keep saying he has a wild side. Emily wouldn't put up with that very long. If Jeff is Morman, that could really cause challenges in their marriage. Arie seems fun and ready for a family, but his job involves distance and he has kept one or more secrets. Sean is the best choice for Emily.


Yes, I have noticed Chris & Emily 'eyeing' each other. I heard that Chris & his wife separated; and I heard that they do have children.
So,Chris is familiar with being a 'father role' & the family unit. And,Chris & Emily were sitting next to each other, during this season's episodes of Dancing with the Stars. Just sayin'