Who should Ben Flajnik choose on The Bachelor, Lindzi Cox or Courtney Robertson?

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I love Lindzi shes so much better for Ben then Courtney. I cant stand her shes only in it to win it and hes goin to so get hurt if he chooses her. And he will regret it.She only cares about herself not him. If he chooses her he is stupid.


hmm Courtney definately has a split tongue when it comes to talking with Ben. She clearly has a problem with relating to women and possibly anybody that gets in her way. If Courtney has this problem at 28, I doubt if she will change for Ben after the vows have been said. Ben has told her twice that he wants someone that will get along with his friends back home - guess he didn't listen to her answer. She is "edgy" and that's what attracks Ben to her. My bet is that he neals down in front of her not Lindzi; therefore i voted for Courtney. Go Courtney - this was a great career move for you!


He lost me when he sent KasieB home......She was the best girl for him.......Hopefully he won't choose Courtney......If he does...he deserves every vendictive thing she throws his way......It seems as if Ben was very much liked by the viewers in the beginning....However maybe he deserves the wrath of Courtney.....Frankly we are getting tired of seeing those two together.....She lies and he believes...Ugh.....Thank goodness this season is almost over.!!!!


Ben and Courtney deserve each other....two losers


Lindzi is the best here. I am also beginning to believe that Ben and Courtney deserve each other. If Ben cannot see through the fog after being told 4-5 times by various women that Courtney is only in it to "win", then he is as crazy as her. Just goes to show how some men think which is NOT from their head but the other one.


lindzis great and i'm sure she gets along well with ben, but i think courtney and ben just belong together. i don't believe she's a bad person- just that she wasn't used to not getting all the attention & clawed out !