Who should be the Bachelor next season?

Ben F. and Chris H.
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Chris Soules as The Bachelor: Good choice?

Chris Soules as The Bachelor: Good choice?

Clare Crawley: Better off without Juan Pablo?

Clare Crawley: Is The Bachelor runner-up better off without Juan Pablo?

Juan Pablo: The Worst Bachelor Ever?

Is Juan Pablo The Bachelor ever? Cast your vote below.

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell: Will it last?

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell: Will it last? You tell us!

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Personally, I do feel that there are shows all over that demonstrate ethnic backgrounds. If they want to have all white Bachelors/Bachelorettes then that is up to the network..


Is it me or are there any non-white bachelors or bachelorettes in this country? This show seems to cast the same type of people on this tired show season after season. How can one tell one season from the last?


This was the worst season ever, with the worst choice of bachelorretes. Ashley is such a crybaby, and she "thinks she has found the right guy", speaking of almost every one of them. She led Ben on, letting him think she was madly in love with thim, then turned him down. She didn't have to wallow all over him in the bed, if she wanted to be with someone else.
She let Constantine go because he respected her, and himself enough to decline the privacy suite, wanting to wait to be sure if she is who he wants. That sounds like a tru gentleman to me.
And why do they always pick from the previous season? Why not give new people the opportunity for all those exotic vacations, etc....I might not watch the show again.


Jake or Ames is my vote


If Brad can get a second chance so should Jake. Vienna was a predator. I think she only snagged Casey because he is a little on the loopy side.


How about someone total different? Why does it always need to be the one that was duped in the end? What about a "good ole county boy"? or girl?


Ben, most certainly Ben. Ryan came off like a stalker and Ames had that goofy thousand yard stare in all the episodes after his bell was rung in the boxing event. Ben is introspective, thoughtful, courteous, well spoken with a direct connection between his thought process and his mouth. He speaks eloquently without the duhs, uhs, ands, and you knows.


Ben he was so in love not to mention what a sweetieeee!!! Don't worry Ben thre are tons of girls out there that would take you in a heartbeat!!! :)))


Ryan! I'd love to see how he relates to women and how women relate to him. I'm tired of superficial self-obsessed women. I wonder whether there are any women out there who are NOT looking for Bad Boys. Are there any women who care about larger issues, like the environment? If so, I'd like to see how they balance this with romance! Romance between activists: Is it possible? Let's make Ryan the Bachelor and find out.


I think Ashley missed the boat when she rejected Ben. JP is too insecure and so is Ashley. She picked him because she knew he was jealous of the other guys which meant it would make it easier for her to hold on to him. Their insecurities will destroy them, whereas Ben was so solid and grounded. I could see the two of them lasting. Marion