Who should Ashley Hebert give the final rose to?

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I pesonally like Ben hes sincere t the end nie family life. But she is really into JP from the beginning. That i wish the best happy ever after for the both of them. Hope that they will get married, have children and grow old together. Best to Ash and JP forever.


I think that Ashley is going to choose JP. The reason why is because she is always with him and it seems to me that she is going to choose him for a husband.


Well. its almost here..Tomorrow night we will find out if she chose JP, like the spoilers said.. I don't dislike JP, but I think Ben would be the better choice for her..He seems so much more of a family man, and I believe he could make her really happy.If she does choose JP, please make Ben the next bachelor...........Good Luck Ben!


I think Ben is the total package! But I think she chooses JP. Ben is the "forever" guy but I think she chose "the lust" one over love. Ben should be the next bachelor because he deserves a woman who can appreciate him for all he is! You deserve more Ben!


Well personally i thought she was going to pick Ames! But it look's like she's going to pic JP.O wait she alredy did because she's stupid!!! Just watch after a couple of weeks that theve been together they will break up and she Will Be WANTING Ames! She really messed up not choosing Ames!!


She looks really comfortable with Ben. I think she should have given Lucas a rose at the rose ceremony before hometown dates instead o Ames.

Carol worth

She already blew it by not choosing Ames! Neither one of the remaining two would be a good match for her. She's "in love with love," at this point of her life. ~0:-p

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