Who should Ashley Hebert choose on The Bachelorette?

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Ashley is amazing girl just so smart intelligent and very beautiful! I adore her!!! So guffy playful, funny and look so dazzling!!! wish her happy she really deserves it! She so nice and she Aries like me! ;)


I think Ashley is such a fake. all these guys are way to good for her.


Back views of Ashley walking are not good. Her butt is too big, her bow legs need to be consealed with her dress code. She has a beautiful face. After seeing her meet JP's family, I like him even more. Yes I think he should be the one.


gthey hopefully will last not to many do . she needs to comet to him he will to her. hope she doesnt break his heart. Hope to see a marriage in the future between them love to the both


I love JP but he is too good for her.

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The Bachelor: Ashley H.
Ashley Hebert is a contestant on The Bachelor. She hails from Maine and is now a dental student at the University of Pennsylvania. She... More »
Madawaska, Maine
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Ashley Hebert