Who should Ashley choose on The Bachelorette, among her top three?

One Hot Bachelorette

The body language between JP and Ashley makes it obvious that JP is her guy. Whether it works in the long run - who knows. You have to see each other at their worst, warts and all, and still be accepting of each other. In these days of little commitment it could be tough. If either show a side to their nature that is offputting to the other, could be trouble. Good luck anyway, I do think JP and Ashley look good together -- I think she is sincere and he appears gentle and caring and being older maybe more mature in his thinking.


It is so obvious that it's JP and it makes me happy :D

Carol worth

@Sabina - I agree with you, 100%. He is the sweetest, most polite, and nicest guy. She would have done well to eliminate one of the others. IMHO, JP is a bit volatile. It feels like he could explode most easily. I think she was foolish to let Ames go.


How could Ashley let Ames Brown go - she is very sweet but I think she needs glasses, Ames was perfect for her. She's just going to get heart broken with the others.

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