Fashion Face-Off!

Jennifer Lawrence or Miley Cyrus? Which young star looked better on the wildly popular red carpet of The Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles?


As much as I love Miley, I have to go with Jennifer Lawrence on this one. The gold dress really exentuates her curvy, slim body and the sparkly-gold color is a jaw-dropper and is eye-catching. I don't understand why Miley didn't just chose to dress in a classy dress like she usually does. I don't think that The Hunger Games premiere is really the place to dress in a two-piece, but she's all cool too!


I vote for both because both look really pretty. I am nine and I don't really care who agrees of disagrees with me. For Miley I love her flowy black skirt and top because they're really glittery and girly. I like Jens because her rockin gold outfit shows off her Katniss edgy side.


um duh jennifer, i dont know what happened to miley but she fell hard 90% of the time she looks like a hooker, i know she wants to grow up and everything but shes doing it in a slutty way ATTENTION MILEY you dont need to look like a tramp....

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