Fashion Face-Off!

Jennifer Lawrence or Miley Cyrus? Which young star looked better on the wildly popular red carpet of The Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles?

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Team Jen or Team Joan?

Team Jen Lawrence or Team Joan Rivers?

Which premiere look do you like best on Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence wore three different outfits to three different Catching Fire premieres. Which is your favorite?

Is Jennifer Lawrence awesome?

Is Jennifer Lawrence awesome and a great role model for girls?

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As much as I love Miley, I have to go with Jennifer Lawrence on this one. The gold dress really exentuates her curvy, slim body and the sparkly-gold color is a jaw-dropper and is eye-catching. I don't understand why Miley didn't just chose to dress in a classy dress like she usually does. I don't think that The Hunger Games premiere is really the place to dress in a two-piece, but she's all cool too!


I vote for both because both look really pretty. I am nine and I don't really care who agrees of disagrees with me. For Miley I love her flowy black skirt and top because they're really glittery and girly. I like Jens because her rockin gold outfit shows off her Katniss edgy side.


um duh jennifer, i dont know what happened to miley but she fell hard 90% of the time she looks like a hooker, i know she wants to grow up and everything but shes doing it in a slutty way ATTENTION MILEY you dont need to look like a tramp....