Fashion Face-Off!

Two talented singers. Two fancy looks. One red carpet. Choose between Adam Lambert and Justin Bieber now!

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This looks hilarious! Not that Adam's looking bad,he's looking smexxii as usual xD
But Justin....ew...even though i've always hated him,at least he should respect couture --sick DX But thumbs up to Adam ;)
He looks awesome ,ALWAYS!


wtf bieber luks like a NEEEERRRRRDDDDDD


adam Lambert,Rock on!!!!


justin beiber looks like a NEEEERRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kevin! How come you're on a Hollywood Gossip Site voting for fashion and not watching a Hockey Game and swigging a beer? Did you lose your way? Or is it just too dark in that closet? hahahahaha
Adam - gorgeous - Beiber is looking more and more odd - and not in a good way.


It's hard to chose the lesser of two evils here & I'm not GAY so I say shoot these two queers & call it even.


Hillary Swanks pants are too baggy !


Look, Adam could dress in his pj's and Uggs and look better... it's just because he is who he is...Wonderful! They are not even in the same generation, so, it's a little slanted. Singing, it just does not get better than A Lambert. Sorry, became a fan, never before so much as when I loved the B-52's in the 80's. Oh well. Adam, you make me smile and I just love your music, thank you. My day is brighter with your voice!


Of course Adam is the best dressed and best looking of the two. He's also a better performer , but then he wasn't given a chance to perform, was he? Maybe next time and then everyone will know how great a singer he is, as we glamberts already know !!!!