Fashion Face-Off!

It's Gleek vs. Gleek in this Fashion Face-Off! Choose beween Lea Michele and Dianna Agron at the premiere of their 3D movie.

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Who looked prettier at th SAG Awards, Lea Michele or Dianna Agron?

Two gorgeous Glee stars. Only one winner. Vote now between Lea Michele and Dianna Agron at the 2012 SAG Awards.

Which hair color do you prefer on Dianna Agron?

Blonde or... pink?!? Choose your preferred hair color for Dianna Agron now!

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Dianna outfit is tasteful and elegant, and would look even better with Matthew Morrison as an accessory. Lea's dress looks a bit like it's desperately seeking Susan, perfect if we were back in the 80s.


Dianna. By far. The other thing looks like some sort of tranny.


lea michele (again), she looks stunning the hair and the dress, diana agron on the hand looks a mess.


Lea Michele wins yet again. Dianna looks like she should be going to brunch not a premier.