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Irina Shayk Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edtion Picture

i think she looks awesome no matetr wat she does! i wish i cld be more like her but im not! just facin the facts! the girl who waz hattin on kim: wellll thts ur opinion andi respect tht but to me i think u r wrong .and thts just myy opinion LUV U KIM p.s. i watch all the episodes ur great at wat u do! LOVE RACHAEL


you have a problem if you'd rthaer watch a family of whores who trade in on their good looks and would be sexual prowess and have no talent whatsoever. Brandy and are just that family and that's how family is. It's kind of sick that a person can find a brother and sister being close disgusting. To me, it's a beautiful thing. But, to each his own.

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