Fashion Face-Off!

It's a matchup of American Idol second place finishers. Decide between Adam Lambert and David Archuleta now!

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What kind is pool is this? Archie is and I think he will always be/look like a little child. He dresses like a little kid too, obviously. ADAM IS A COMPLETED MAN: HOT LIKE HELL. He is a known to be a fashion trend setter and he is that great that HE MAKES THE CLOTHING LOOK GOOD JUST BECAUSE HE WARES THEM. Hello?!! What's the meaning of this pool? To embarrass Archie?


ieh,, archie is better than lambert.. :PPP
he's the cutest smile,, the coolest voice,, n the charmest face.. :))


Archie is number one !!!


I vote for Adam because he looks so hot.And he is my number one so.


I'm not sure that this is even a fair contest. Adam is gorgeous and his outfit is smokin'. David looks scruffy.


Beautiful Adam of course no need to compare just look at him.


I have to vote for ADAM, of course, but it really isn't fair because you are comparing a grown, fashion-conscious man with a boy still into plaid shirts. David is cute, Adam is drop-dead gorgeous, tonight especially, but almost always. Did ya see his Mad Max outfit the other day just to go shopping. The man is breathtaking.


I'm a David Archuleta fan! This poll is kind of ridiculous because it is like comparing apples to oranges. Adam is very glam, edgy & so is his music. David is very understated and his songs are very positive & uplifting. It would have been better to have Adam vs Steven Tyler & maybe David vs Kris Allen. I'm not voting because comparing these 2 doesn't compute in my mind.


I Love Adam


Archie is cute, but frankly - Adam is gorgeous and his sense of fashion is HOT!!!