Fashion Face-Off!

It's a matchup of American Idol second place finishers. Decide between Adam Lambert and David Archuleta now!

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What do you think of Adam Lambert as a blonde?

Adam Lambert is rocking blonde hair in this photo. Do you like the look?

Do you wanna see Adam Lambert as an American Idol judge?

A new rumor claims Adam Lambert might sign on as an American Idol judge for Season 12. Would this be a good choice?

Who looked cuter at the American Music Awards, Adam or Justin?

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What? Adam Lambert buys what brand? Go to hell and give it to your fellow gays who suffer from HIV.


Umm, no comparison really. David looks like he just walked out of Walmart. Adam's Alexander McQueen Catacomb shirt alone at 1000 dollars shows class and add all the accessories and you have a well-dressed man. After all, this is what the poll is supposed to be about - Fashion, ie clothes people.


David is a natural beauty. Porcelain skin, dreamy hazel eyes, dark hair... his inner beauty shines like aura. You know when he wakes up and goes to bed, the natural beauty that can't be faked artificially. He is not much interested in fashion, though. He is more interested in how to help other people.


Come on!
the Glambert is the best dressed guy at the moment! david looks like a schoolboy....


Vote for ADAM!!!!!!!
Yeah i'm a glambert, but you gotta admit
He's the best dressed man EVERR!!! :D


to edieallen, civil nature of glamberts? This is one person that's posting stuff like that. And how civil is it to call Adam a sparkly troll? Live and let live.


To "Aninimous"
Apparently the meaning of this poll is to once again confirm the civil nature of Glamberts. It's great how they always post positive comments about everyone. (and please invest in spellcheck). Believe it or not many of us prefer that our guys don't look like sparkly trolls. I voted for the natural(and always sexier)David Archuleta.


The both are AMAZING. But I voted 4 David ! :)
@MrMarianoRiley on Twitter! (:


vote for david!!!!!!!!!! please


David Archuleta! He's looks great and has the personality to match too.