Fashion Face-Off!

It's a matchup of American Idol second place finishers. Decide between Adam Lambert and David Archuleta now!

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To each his own but David looks HOT!!!!!!


David is to die for Cute and sooooo nice! Love him!


Adam is dressed and Archie is cute! Thats the difference!


@sarah What the hell are you talking about? David Archuletta is gay too, in case you are too stupid to know that. Who cares anyway? One is hot and sexy (Adam), and the other one is ugly and dorky.


No contest...Adam hands down. He is Hot in anything he wears.


HATERS are disgusting. I hope those of you who make mean or nasty or homophobic remarks here will soon face some sort of the same remarks and situations where you're gonna feel what it means like to be hated on. Just for lessons. And THG, shameful how you let such comments here. And cheap way to get hits.


Oh and also.. why can't y'all just appreciate that they are both VERY different in lots of ways? Its great to have an opinion but be kind about it haha :D They both look lovely!!:)
Love and Light:))


Adam for sure :D David looks nice but Adam has gone all out to look beautiful as he always does:)
Just wow! :)xo


Haters always come when they see Adam's name! SAD! This is about clothes people! If you don't know the person you have no right to say the other is sweeter or "better"! No one is better than anyone else! Grow the hell up! Adam is beautiful without anything but his gorgeous smile! Archie is a cutie, but looks like the boy next door! Adam has been aclaimed for his sense of style,I voted for Adam! Apples & oranges folks! Let live & love!!


whoaa....david is better than him!!!
am i right?