Fashion Face-Off!

It's a matchup of American Idol second place finishers. Decide between Adam Lambert and David Archuleta now!

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Archie is a sweetheart and is very talented, but this poll really isn't fair to him. Fashion obviously is not his forte. Adam is known for his fashion edge and savvy, just look at his spectacular look at the Grammys! Adam is a trend setter, not a follower He's appropriate and always creative! He also is able to strut on a runway with the best of male models,classically lean and handsome! Adam without a doubt is the best dressed.


This is a pretty lame poll by any stretch. That said, nice that Archie fans have come out to vote in mass for their boy. Gotta appreciate any poll that we Glamberts are not winning hands down. Archie a cute kid, but stylewise isn't in the same league as Adam, making this poll truly a farce. btw how old is Archie these days? He must be 20 what?


This is such a dumb poll. Of course there is no contest. I like David A (although I voted for the other David) but puhleees...he is no fashion icon. He dresses like a teenager going to high school. Adam is revolutionizing fashion for men. There is nobody in Hollywood that dresses like him. He has his own unique sense of style and flair and isn't afraid to wear anything. He looks incredibly gorgeous in just a t-shirt and jeans and some flip flops as does he when he amps it up and wears 'dem Rick Owens boots'. I love Adam and he is the most gorgeous, sexiest man on the planet. I have more important things to vote for such as Adam's VH1 Do Something Award nomination. Let Archie have this one since he doesn't have much going on in his career.


why are they even comparing these too??? This whole voting thing is stupid it is always something isnt even worth it we dont get true results


there's no commparison it's Adam hands down. He's always dressed to the nines where he's gonna be in front of the cameras.


Aw, come on, guys, you know Adam Lambert is a fashionista to the Nth degree! Both of these are great guys, with great fans supporting them. Best wishes to them both. Archies, we CAN be friends!


I just have to add. Why are these two really great guys being compared. This site is trying to get hits and some really immature and hateful ppl are coming here to bash Adam or David. I didn't know David was gay is it true? If so good for him. He's a doll baby and maybe the reason that Adam and David admire each other so much is that they have experienced the same discrimination and abuse that many others have.


This is no contest just another ridiculous fan war. Adam is best dressed, styled, and gorgeous celebrity. David is a very talented young man with a large fanbase from AI who still love him to pieces. But if we are fair we should be voting for the best dressed not who has more diehard fans. Please stop making such neg remarks it's only for fun. No plaque or award will be given.


@Selena ~ Way to add to the reputation some Adam fans have (and deserve) -- that of the insensitive, unkind fan of a talented and seemingly-good artist.


@ meme, I doubt if you have ANYTHING to worry about, as far as your daughter's dating Adam Lambert! (Hahaha) As for the rest of your comment, I would never argue with another's personal taste ... Mine is that Adam is a great-looking guy who loves fashion and shows that with whatever he wears. What makes him attractive (even to females, who can only dream ...) are his looks, his voice, his kindness, his passion and his demeanor, including his abilities to articulate his passion and to listen to, and care about, others. It's the "whole package" thing (for those who are so inclined). David is a cute guy with a good voice ~ He just doesn't have the "magic" for me that Adam does. Love live differences of opinion!