Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed best at the Grammys, Adele or Taylor Swift? Vote for your favorite style star in THG's latest Fashion Face-Off!

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I think people put too much emphasis on wether a person is fat or skinny. It really shouldn't matter. Th talent shows through as does the personality.


If Adel were a bit thinner (Not bone thin like Taylor)...Adel would win the beauty contest. Taylor is "cute" Adel is a beauty. Both need to be a bit more "refined" though.


Taylor has it in beauty and talent! One of Adele's thighs weighs more that Taylor. Adele's return (Grammy) song was so repetitious it was tiring. She is pretty and has a good voice but needs to lose weight and sing songs wiyh good melodies and intelligent lyrics.


I love you Adele no matter what anyone says. I am deeply sorry Taylor but you will never be as amazing as Adele.
"I write music for the ears, not for the eyes"


both ladies are good in their own ways, but i like Ms. Adele more... then again "to each his own"...


taylor you got the looks and talent so be proud of what you got


i think taylor swift gots it goin on she gots the style and knows how to match...


taylor sorry ,but Adele is a real class singer so back up swift u maybe pretty but you aint got TALANT!