And the Winner is?

All three of these couples recently split. Which do you most hope runs it back again?

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I'm posting as a quest. I know as a Taurus myself Robert will return to
Kristen and seal the bond but...and i do mean this Kristen needs to change her demeanor as an aries she needs to stop that aries agressiveness toward Robert and her look on life as well as with her friends. Because that's a turn off for a Taurus. I as a Taurus was Married to an Aries and his agressiveness and always so serious was a big turn off and finally pushed me away. The End. So Kristen if you can change that your in like flint.......


Love kristrn forever would like to see kristen & rob back together


S and j all the way
I miss you Jelena
By the way, Selena, I'm really looking forward to watching spring breakers
Justin, I'ma a huge fan!