Producers are reportedly considering a number of names for American Idol Season 12. Which of these would make the most entertaining judge?

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Burke, Adam has put in almost 20 years in the entertainment business. Theatre and commercials as a kid. Singing and acting since he was 10. Singing for a living since he was 18 including everything from cruse ships to the musicals Hair and Wicked, clubs, bands. Oh yeah and Idol. Not to mention 2 worldwide promo tours and a worldwide tour from his first album. And then there was that little thing we like to call fronting Queen in Europe/UK. How much "time" does he have to put in?


Katy pery is superb..


Katy pery is the best


I think Adam is a great entertainer, however he has not put in his time. Go Aretha.


If @Adamlambert becomes a judge on Idol -- i will watch it every week if only just to look at him!!!


Adam for sure. Experience and having gone through the process gives him great insight into the contestants. He also is great at mentoring, so his judging would keep it real without all the fluff that we got before.


Would love to see Miley as a judge!


Nicki Minaj is probably too nice to judge people and I'm not sure if Miley knows enough yet. Although I take that back since she has been in the business for years. I do thin Adam Lambert should be one of the judges because he has proven himself on small shows judging since AI. Katy Perry said she is not interested. Aretha Franklin is too old if they are trying to attract a younger crowd.


Adam Lambert would be a great pick and the only one I would watch the show for every week. He's so intelligent and articulate as well as tuned into what the contestants are going through and what they will need to make it in the recording business. He was terrific as a mentor on season 10. None of the others could bring anything close to what Adam could bring to the show. He is so loved by everyone who knows him and he would be a great asset to the show and help it revive itself. Adam for AI judge!


Adam Lambert has already proven himself when he guested as a mentor on the show. He gave great constructive criticism without insulting the contestant. He wouldn't KI$$ A$$ like Lopez and Tyler have done the past two years and he is articulate enough that he can verbalize a complete sentence, unlike Randy's "You're in it to win it" bull. Adam doesn't receive the credit he deserves, especially in the US. Adam was asked by Brian May and Roger Taylor to front their band, QUEEN and just completed a six concert mini-Tour Internationally, I don't believe any of the other contenders for judges would receive such an honor. I would love for Adam to be a judge on American Idol, I might actually watch it again. I would love to see him make enough $ to pay cash for the Maserati on his wish list along with a lavish Hollywood home. Yep, he deserves it.