The top six on American Idol chose any song they wanted to for the second half of the 4/25/12 performance episode. Which did you like best?

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Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol?

Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol season 13?

Who should win American Idol Season 13?

We're down to two on American Idol Season 13. Who should win?

Did Alex Preston deserve to go home on American Idol?

Alex Preston is off American Idol. Did fans make the right choice?

Which member of the American Idol Top 3 put on the best performance?

We're down to three on American Idol Season 13. Who put on the best performance?

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Hats off to Joshua Ledet. I see why he always get a standing O he is the best singer on A I and just in case he don't win I still see a lot of recording deals coming his way


I feel that the judges have good ears and know good singing when they hear it Joshua Ledet is the best singer Idol has had in a long time . and as far as Joshua Ledet gospel background God is everywere and in control of everything. So what God has for Joshua it is for him and no one can take it away.


@gswatez Are you kidding me? Jessica hasn't gotten a standing o since everybody has a dream! Jessica is not the judges pet! Joshua "12 standing O's" is! The judges have thrown Jessica under the bus, just like what they did to Colton!


Jesica Sanchez is so good. She deserves to win.


I agree with you Brian... I'm not sure what the judges are doing this year but they sure are ruining it for me. They really do seem to have their own agenda. Joshua is not the best singer and I feel because of the gospel background they love him. Keep the religion out of the show! Yes Jessica is good but she has not been consistant where i feel that Hollie has. Philip is good also and so is Elise but I feel at this point that It should be Hollie who wins it.


I too think these judges must go. It bugs me when they critique a contestant for something and don`t critique another for the same thing
Seems they are pushing there favorites.Just for the record my favorite is Hollie, beautiful powerful voice.


Jessica has an incredible voice and she should be the winner. Even though she is so young her voice is what it is. Talent is talent.
Skylar has an attitude and she feel that she is already the winner and I am tired of country singers winning on the show. Joshua is very good also. JLO talks too much as a judge and gives us here all a headache. She really should be replaced what with her love life as young girls watch this show and she does not leave a good impression for them.


Here's my objection. Jennifer Lopez suggesting to Philips that he could go home because of song choice and said it several times to the point that it got my attention. Was she deliberately pushing her own agenda? And I'm done with these judges we need "the voice" judges on this show


WHY... WHY.... Are the judges so hooked on Joshua and Jessica???? They are certainly not the two best singers up there and haven't been right from the beginning.They get the standing O's? Something wrong with that picture!