Kim, Kourtney or Khloe? Which Kardashian sister would you prefer to plow?

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Is Khloe hotter than Kim?

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I think they're all beautiful, though I'll give it to Koutney, cos after having two kids, she looks amazing.


khloe hands down the most beautiful of the three


None of the above!!


Actually, Kim looks better with her cloths on, which really dosent matter off or on, she is a straight dud in bed, the norm for someone so in love with themselves honing gross feelings of intitlement, greed & fame. Her penchant for black men, hasn't missed a step for those voyeurs fantacizing about watching and forgiving her for being such a well paid whore, who is now pimping herself to her devoted public. Great job, as the public cant get enough & can obviously afford it.