Fashion Face-Off!

Two beautiful couples. One red carpet. One chance to vote. Choose now between the classic pair of Brangelina and the new one of Klooney.


I do like the dress on the right, but Angie's dress looks like it is made out of black bin liners. The style is nice, but the material is a huge bomb. Brangelina are old news, it is boring beyond belief. There are many out there who are talented and have no stories full of hype or negativity. The stories of Brangelina finally marrying are so hyped up and who cares if they do? It is so out of date now, the magazines must be short on things to boost their ratings.


Klooney, Definately, Stacey Keibler has natural curves, genuine smile that reaches her eyes, Angie, move over, this woman should be playing Cleopatra, she has Elizabeth Taylor curves, all woman. Not to mention the sexiest, charismatic man alive.

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