Kim Kardashian's union with Kris Humphries didn't even last three months, but they're far from the only marriage to go a very short distance. Which celebrity marriage was the worst ever?

Kris Humphries Kardashian

That IS, today's life and times of Hollywood for you, get married, then get divorced right away, so you can marry someone else, and create your own novel of LOVE and HATE, and CORRUPTION within Hollywood. And A-LOT of normal people these days, live their lives to the way that a LOT of actors and actresses of Hollywood do. Give me, the SINGLE LIFE any day, much rather that, then all the Hollywood marriage and romance corruption of today.


Chris Humphries was a jerk the whole time they were planning her wedding. Not just to her but her whole family. I think the only reason he married Kim was to be famous himself. He wouldn't have been able to get that $20 million bball contract without her. For all of you that say no, how many of you actually had heard anything about him prior to dating Kim? He's a no talent hack who uses people and treats them like they are nothing. Don't get me wrong, she was pretty stupid for marrying the jacknut.


shut up, kim can marry and divorce whoever the hell she wantss!
jelous haters get over yourselves!
how on earth is she a bad person? seriously. you dont know her personally, or at all!
stop judging people you dont personally know, and stop listening to what you hear and read through the media, how would any of you like being judged by people that dont even know you seriously such bullies!
grow up people and find something better to do with your time
kim adore you :)

John e

She is a spoiled HO and we all know that.


I think kim just wanted to be married.she really wanted her ex to marry her what ever his name seems funny she wasted no time to be back with him.even though chris humpfries did seem quite immuture,and not to much into help her planning the takes a little more then that to just file for divorce so quickly.and end right back into your ex's arm's again and to waste all that money.but I heard they spent 10 million but made 12 they made a profit.and sounds like she dont want to return the ring.that is so wrong.u should never get married for all the wrong reasons.cause it won't last long.I'm a big fan of the kardashion's.but to see her laid up with reggie so quickly.I just makes me so sick.


I think Kim is a spoiled undeserving human. I can't believe her family would back such an impulsive immature decision after spending millions on that wedding. There are no real morals in that family, just greed. Her mother didn't give them time to be a couple, she just kept Kim on the road. Kim didn't like sharing the spotlight with someone either. Don't claim to be moral and divorce your husband for no GOOD reason. It is terrible that this is what our society would accept. So tweet away, have your publisist on damage control, but the real damage won't ever be undone. You and your mother have shown the true colors here.

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