Pop went the American Idols during the 5/2/12 performance night. Whose British cover did you like best?

American IDol Final Five
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Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol?

Did Caleb Johnson deserve to win American Idol season 13?

Who should win American Idol Season 13?

We're down to two on American Idol Season 13. Who should win?

Did Alex Preston deserve to go home on American Idol?

Alex Preston is off American Idol. Did fans make the right choice?

Which member of the American Idol Top 3 put on the best performance?

We're down to three on American Idol Season 13. Who put on the best performance?

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phillip phillips is one of the worst singers that I have seen on idol to date.... What anyone with an education above 5th grade sees in him is mind blowing, therefore he is my pick to win this year because most of the voters are 5th graders... if your not a cutsey wimpy boy you don't stand a chance on idol.... cold play would be a great example. 20 years from now people will say cold who...... but they will recognize the name aerosmith.


Tough competition this season. All you Phillips fans need to check out Dave Matthews version of Time of the Season on U Tube. You will see how he is a complete and total rip off artist. I was a fan until I saw how he is performing all these songs Dave has covered. Just think another contestant who is actually original deserves it more. The rest are all very good.


Jessica is completely overrated and boring to watch. Her vibrato is very annoying. Joshua is the bomb and definitely should win the show this season hands down. He is the total package. I love Phillip too.


Philiip was actually boring... jessica is the best, she touches hearts.


How can you say Jessica doesn't have stage presence when she is now starting to put dances to her songs? She is the only one who actually danced and was ensync with the dancers. Yes,there is growth needed to it but considering she just started dancing, she did pretty good. Of course, you cannot compare Tina Turner singing "Proud Mary" on her heydey and Jessica who is 16 yrs old who has tremendous growth to come from her and she's great already at her age...wow, and that's why she deserves the win...pls. America don't let Jessica's talent go to waste, she has the potential to be a legend. Vote, vote,vote for her.


Either you have stage presence or you don't. And Jessica don't. She is boring to watch and she is awkward on stage She needs to go


Phillips faces when she sings makes me sick. And hollie is just okay Sylaar has an attitude and thinks she is already the winner.
Sorry to disappoint but Jessica is the best ever!!!!


Jessica is wow wow wow. Such talent in a young girl and she was born to sing. If she is not the american idol I willl not watch again. She has a voice thaat is comparable to Celine Dion. My family and I are brought to tears when she sings and this is not easy to do. She is one remarable singer and JLO and Randy always give Joshua a standing, who is good, but for sure Jessica deserves this. The judges aare partial to Joshua and this is not fair. You go Jessica girl and I wish you a wonderful career ahead of you.


Jessica has no stage presence. Phillip and Hollie in the finals. They are the best