And the Winner is?

Hollie Cavanagh or Jessic Sanchez? Which American Idol finalist stands the better chance of taking home the season 11 crown?

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Ms. Jessica, you have inspired me and gave me the boost of confidence. You are still my Idol and idols of others who you inspired not just in America but allover the world. I am looking forward on buying your CDs. God Bless and I wish you all the best!


JESSICA YOUR VOICE DESERVED TO BE THE WINNER!!..regardless...AMERICAN'S ARE BIAS NO MATTER WHAT...but you already have fans and looking forward to buy your ALBUM....SERIOUSLY!..those other AMERICAN IDOL...ITS LIKE LOTS OF NICE MOVIES BUT IT IS SELDOM TO HAVE A BLOCKBUSTER..YOU CAN HAVE AN ALBUM OF THE YEAR if you given a chance. you will be like ADELE who rise from the occasions.


mr.Randy Mr.Steven T & ms.Jlo- did their best to choose a good contestant for us to watch & enjoy and the producer are quite happy with the result because - here we are talking about it,otherwise how can the show survive if they put a bad singer because I wouldn't waste my time watching the please people just enjoy the show have fun and be happy..we like AI ,we look forward to see it every night "....regarding the styling of the girl's well they look much better now than before- Jlo look amazing ,Ms.Jessica thank you for not covering your mouth you look much better &camera loves to focus your face with the straight hair,just perfectly gorgeous my dear just like what ms.Jennifer Lopez say you give us goooosies- we vote for Jessica we'll buy your cd right now if you record all the song especially the Whitney song- we love Ms Hollie too-


not only talented in singing but, also has a Beautiful face.i can feel her music when she sings.if i had a chance to vote for american idol she is the winner for me this season..