And the Winner is?

They are two of seven men remaining. Will Deandre Brackensick or Joshua Ledet advance farther on season 11 of American Idol?

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This is a dead heat.JOSHUA is just so impressive -voice,control,performance all excellent-HOWEVER DeAndre Brackensick has the 'X'Factor-big time. He has charisma,'teen-age charm', unique sound & is adorable. He is the total package--would be very commercial.
Both of these contestants are worthy contenders!!


Deandre has a voice suitable for the radio/ music player, so smooth and nice tone. Joshua sounds like a gospel singer, and that is great for church but... Deandre is my choice 100%.


DeAndre "Kamele" Brackensick is going to win this as far as I am concerned. I wish that American Idol would show the voting tally at the end of the shows on Thursdays. That would be awesome. I have a fan page set up for DeAndre on Facebook. It is FanPageForDeAndreKameleBrackensick......come and check it out. My name is Penny and I am the Administrator. DeAndre has my vote all the through this. Dre-Dreamers All Day Long!!!


wtf thats no competition!! joshua ledet of course!!! the man has skills. deandre sucks in my opinion he looks and sounds scared when he sings and all he does is shake his hair around like thats supposed to help him win this competition.n plus his voals havent completley developed yet,on the other hand,joshua has the whole package.joshua all the way!!! #team ledet!!!


Joshua is GREAT, but I'm t o t a l l y in LOVE with DEANDRE BRACKENSICK.!!!! He has my heart, and I hope he wins.! I would definitely spend money for one of his CDs. He voice, tone, personality and looks are just magical.!!! (If not Deandre, then Jessica should win)


DeAndre "Kamele" Brackensick has my vote!!! I really hope and pray that he wins the American Idol this year. He is very talented and has a true gift from God. He is ready!!


Team Dre


So far, haven't heard much variety from Joshua....not that he's not any good, the dude's got excellent voice range, and he's a master at his genre, but hasn't shown anything else but his genre, therefore, only those that like that genre will vote. With DeAndre, he's shown that he's got variety; hasn't been the best at showing it, but he's got the potential, as long as he stays confident in what God has given him, and humble enough to be taught, and shown the secrets of the trade....


he is good!


Joshua voice is really good !!!