Ed Helms is boycotting Chick-fil-A because the company is anti gay-marriage. What's your take on his stance?

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I agree who cares about so called STARS boycotting anything..I hope they enjoy where they are going. Jesus die to save man from their sins...the Bible says man should not do certain thing...the payoff is really hot. You better wake up before its to late. This Country is going down the tubes because of gays.


tired of the gay and lesbian communtiy bullying people and companies. Great for Chick fil a. i hope they stick to their guns.
This abhorent behaviour is destroying our country. Look back at the romans. it was their downfall. We just can't seem to learn from the past.


Go ahead boycott.. Hollywood is out of toach with the rest of American.. what is everyone boycotted what he does, for being a misinformed elitist???


we have every right as humans to boycott whatever we wish, especially if we dis-agree with the views of the company owner...plain and simple. I appreciate "celebrity", by virtue of having access to public media, lending a louder voice than the average person, to cause's of which I agree with. Kudo's to them.


Quit boycotting everything just because you don't agree with them. And who cares about what a dumb celebrity thinks anyway.