And the Winner is?

Does Snooki look better with makeup or without makeup? Cast a ballot for your favorite photo of the Jersey Shore star and vote for her best look!

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Snooki on Dancing With the Stars: Did she deserve to go?

Snooki's red hair: What do you think?

Snooki's red hair: What do you think?

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What do you think of Snooki's red hair?

What do you think of Snooki's red hair?

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Makeup = HUGE difference. Webcam vs. professional photo = HUGE difference (webcam photos "blur" the shadows and contours of the face, inevitably making the person look younger). My take on some of the other differences: Lips: In the natural photo, obviously her lips are pursed out so they look fuller ; in the photo with makeup, she’s smiling so they appear thinner. Nose: The overall shape is the same (with the longer part in the middle that extends down). Most likely in the professional photo, makeup was used to contour her nose – a trick commonly used by MUAs (makeup artists) in the industry. Eyes: Again, the overall shape is the same. Her eyes appear smaller w/ makeup due to:
-The thick fake eyelashes (possibly multiple pairs - also a common trick in the industry); they are partially covering her eyes.
-The eyeliner used on the lower waterline of her eyes as well as the thick liner on her upper lash line.


The picture without the make-up is very lovely and natural. She is beautiful.


I agree with the others this could have been her as a young girl but not now and of course most of us looked better when we were younger.....


I also can not except, this is the same girl. The face,nose,lips,eyes,are all wrong. Who's pictures is that? It's not her at all. Make-up has come a long way but only, a skilled/medical person came make changes like this. Love to hear what the ladies out there think about the two faces of eve ?


I don't think that's her. She has no top lip, yet in the make up free picture, that girl has lips. The nose is different, and so are the eyes. If that IS her, I am shocked!!! She looks so much better, younger, normal, and she is actually PRETTY!!!