Kate Gosselin has reportedly signed on for a dating series. What should it be titled?

Katie G
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Should THG hire Kate Gosselin to write about celebrity gossip?

Should THG hire Kate Gosselin to write about celebrity gossip?

Kate Gosselin's pic of daughter in heels: Right or wrong?

Kate Gosselin's pic of daughter Mady in heels: Right or wrong?

Whose team are you on: Team Jon or Team Kate?

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin. Still at it after all these years. Whose side are you on here?

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I'd rather watch good porn at least I might be able to get an erection that way


Never underestimate the stupidity and the idleness of the American public why read a good book when u
Have this fascinating shit to watch on an idiot box


I will never understand the lure of "reality" TV. Don't people understand that we are being cheated because they are too cheap to pay for real actors? It originated way back during the 80's with one of the actors strikes, and has gotten steadily worse. Wake up and demand real entertainment!


She had her five minutes of fame, which was, in my opinion, 4 1/2 minutes to much. I mean really, are we as a society so hard up for entertainment that we need to watch a "reality" show about a mother with her kids. Most people live that life every day, why do we want to come home, tend to our own families and than sit down and watch even more of it on TV, yea, sign me up.


Good like with any good ratings. There are way more people who won't watch then the idiots that will.Any station that takes on a show with the gosselin which is taking some high risks.