What should Snooki and Jionni LaValle name their kid?

Snooki and Jionni LaValle Photo
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stop hateing hatters


Sssnnnoookkkiii talks about sex but really !!! I hate it but I want her sons name to be Ryan a great name or if you want vinny jr


I think she should name it Target.I wonder who is the real father?


I have watched enough episodes to know that Snooki is disgusting, have you heard how she talks about sex? no class for a woman, just tacky with no style or ....sorry, I just hope she has had many many many tests for STD's. I think he made a mistake hooking up with her. I hope she turns out to be a better Mother for that poor little baby's sake in leopard pajamas or not! Just worry about the health and welfare of your baby Snooki, not what your going to wear to the delivery room. Stupid from the get go.......


OMG!!! lolz. vinny jr.??? thats hilarious. i think that jionni jr. would be a really cute name! good for you snookie!!! cant wait till season 6 of jersey shore!


Okay weather you people like Snooki having a kid or not obviously God wanted her to have a kid and have a responsibility so he put that kid in her and he wants this baby here on Earth with the rest of us.... have some hope and faith in her and for Snooki "Haters should be her motivators"


If Snooki read's this I hope she like some of these names. Well me being part cuben and jersey and italin I have some wierd names. (Girls)...... Niki, Lillyannah, Alannah, Summer, Ina, Veronica, Katie, Jessica, Amilia and last but not least of the girls Nikalina! (Boys)...... Joseph, Frances, Jionno, James, Brayden, Myron, Ron, Steven, and last but not least of the boys Jimonni. And BTW yeah sure I dont agree with some of the stuff Snooki has done but we all make mistakes.




For a girl it should be in honor of Nicole for a girl maybe Nicolette or a boy nicholas for Jioni maybe jiono for a boy or maybe jiona for a girl