Two contestants were sent home on 12/1/11. Do you agree with the choices?

The Factor Final 5

I think what did it for Drew was Simon's perception of how she should sing 'Billy Jean.' So sad, but so true....


I am in shock. I watched the X factor because of Drew. I am one of the biggest fans of Drew. But I have to admit I have not been so in the last couple of weeks and even thought maybe she should sing something more up tempo. But I was wrong. I did not see this was coming. If I only knew America is going to let her go.... I would have supported 100%.... I cannot believe we will not be able to listen her singing for a while... Promise us Drew that soon you will come back with your own songs!!


Drew you are an awesome singer. The only thing that was wrong with tonight (12/2/2011) was that the 3 stooges sitting with Simon took it out on you. You far exceeded Marcus' song and should have won tonight competition. I know that God has great plans for you. Stay strong and keep your head up. SIMON DID A GREAT JOB WITH YOU. Again, the three stooges had a grude against Simon and was going to not let it happen tonight.


Drew you are a Amazing singer. I'm 54 and I Love your voice and WHEN you make your first CD I'm going to buy it. And I have not bought a CD in a long time. I down load everything and I would pay to have your music.. Good Luck you are going to go far. You should NOT be off this show.

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